Terms and Conditions

Article 1 General 1. 1 These general conditions apply to all agreements with Folded Book Art B.V., concerning the sale, delivery, payment, whether or not folded books, patterns, tutorials, home decor, and related products and / or services. 1. 2 In addition to these general conditions Folded Book Art can use additional conditions that specifically apply to the type of transaction and / or nature of work. The additional conditions are part of our terms and conditions. 1. 3 An appeal of the buyer on terms that do not apply to these terms and conditions are not accepted by Folded Book Art. 1. 4 A copy of these terms and conditions at all times can be applied at Folded Book Art by e-mail or via the website www.foldedbookart.com at all times. 1. 5 Folded Book Art reserves the right to change and / or expand these terms and conditions. Article 2 Offers 2.1 All quotations made by Folded Book Art are without obligation, binding and subject to availability, unless otherwise stated in the offer. 2.2 Price listings on Folded Book Art web site, any leaflets and advertisements are no offers Article 3 Agreements 3. 1 Agreements with Folded Book Art will first take effect when Folded Book Art an order or repair order feasibility has assessed. Folded Book Art has the right, without giving any reason not to accept orders or contracts, or to accept the condition that the shipment is made in advance, in which case the customer will be informed accordingly. Article 4 Images 4. 1 All images, drawings, information on weights, dimensions, colors, data relating to the applicability of the articles are compiled with care on the price lists at the Folded Book Art web site. Leaflets, brochures and advertisements, are equally valid approximate only and may not give rise to compensation and / or dissolution. 4. 2 All products, images, texts from Folded Book Art BV are copyrighted and may not be copied without written agreement of Folded Book Art, printed or shared. Page 7 of 10 Article 5 Pricing and payment 5. 1 The article prices of Folded Book Art are prevailed at the date of shipment from the warehouse of Folded Book Art. 5. 2 The prices are, unless otherwise stated, inclusive of VAT, in dollars. Shipping not included. 5. 3 Except in the case of cash sale, payment of delivered articles or services must be made within 10 days after the invoice date unless otherwise agreed in writing. After the expiry of 30 days after the invoice date, the customer who fails to timely pay, without a notice is required, shall be in default and shall be invoiced for an amount of interest of 1.5% per month, whereby part of a month counting as a whole month. Furthermore Folded Book Art entitled to increase (outside) legal fees, that of lawyers, bailiffs, internal costs, etc. including. The amount owed by the customer. When these charges are not paid in time, this will advance to the determination of the actual costs are determined on an amount of 15% of the unpaid bill, with a minimum of & euro 250,00. 5. 4 Payments made by the customer shall always be applied to interest and costs and then the invoices that the longest, even if the recipient that the payment relates to a later invoice. 5. 5 Late payments gives Folded Book Art the right to suspend its performance and / or other agreements with the buyer to terminate without the recipient is entitled to compensation in any manner whatsoever. 5. 6 Folded Book Art is at all times entitled, in any manner whatsoever, to require the buyer sufficient security for the payment of the benefits provided by Folded Book Art. 5. 7 The customer is not permitted to apply settlement for invoices without permission from Folded Book Art 5. 8 Complaints made by Folded Book Art in treatment and / or warranty claims does not give the buyer the right to delay payment or partial payment. 5. 9 Checks, bills of exchange and foreign currency only count as payment after redemption. Article 6 Shipping and delivery 6.1 The risk of damage and / or loss of products rests with Folded Book Art until the moment of delivery to the consumer., unless otherwise expressly agreed. 6.2 Folded Book Art is entitled to make partial deliveries. Page 8 of 10 Article 7 Retention of Title 7. 1 Folded Book Art reserves the right of ownership of all products supplied by it to the full payment of the price of all by Folded Book Art to the customer delivered or to be delivered articles, and any claims for by Folded Book Art benefit the buyer in connection with the provision of articles performed or to be performed work and / or services and which Folded Book Art of the buyer to claim might have due to a failure of the purchaser to comply with the intermediate Folded Book Art and customer agreement, including collection costs, interest and any penalties. 7. 2 The products of Folded Book Art and the use of this may never be used for Commercial purposes. Only if this is agreed in writing with Folded Book Art. Products as folded books and patterns may not be reselled without a writing agreement of Folded Book Art. It is also not permitted to sell folded books folded with patterns from Folded Book Art. Patterns can only be downloaded twice. Article 8 Delivery Times 8. 1 Problems of delivery times are approximate, unless otherwise agreed. Folded Book Art will never be liable for exceeding the delivery time. 8. 2 Exceeding a delivery time gives the buyer not be entitled to any compensation on termination of the agreement or any other action whatsoever. This does not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence of Folded Book Art or its management, or if the delivery is exceeded with more than three months. In this case the buyer has the right to terminate more, without, however, making any form of compensation. Agreement Article 9 Reclames 9. 1 Complaints about improper or incomplete delivery should the customer in writing within 8 days after receipt of the items - be made known to Folded Book Art -. With proper description of reason After the expiry of this period, Folded Book Art deemed to have fulfilled its obligations correctly and Folded Book Art is assumed that the customer has accepted the goods., And / or services and invoices as correct 9. 2 Complaints to give the buyer never has the right to suspend payments. 9. 3 If a complaint is found to be justified by Folded Book Art, Folded Book Art can proceed to the following: A: revise the invoice and change the invoice accordingly. B: replace the delivered product with the same specifications which are issued or repair the items that have to be delivered at Folded Book Art. C: To take back the goods delivered and to dissolve a refund of the amount paid by the customer Page 9 of 10 invoice amount without being subjected to any form of compensation into the agreement. 9. 4 The purchaser shall in all cases give Folded Book Art three times the opportunity to offer to repair any defects. Article 10 Warranty 10. 1 Folded Book Art grants in respect of the products delivered by its garantei only when the product arrives at the customer's fault. The customer can return the product in this situation. The shipping costs are the cost of the customer. Given that the products from Folded Book are Art. On purchased patterns no guarantee because the patterns can be copied. Hereby Order to avoke is not possible. 10. 2 The above applies only if the items are returned with the dedicated 'form returns ", and if the customer has complied with the provisions of the" form returns ". 10. 3 The buyer must send the replacement or repair of eligible business for its own account and risk or deliver to the address specified by Folded Book Art. 10. 4 The buyer can not rely on the warranty: A: If the customer has neglected the business. B: If the items or components are not equipped with the Folded Book Art warranty seal and / or serial number. C: if the customer has made changes to the articles or caused to be made by third parties. Including repairs that are not performed. by or on behalf of Folded Book Art D: If the product is not properly maintained. E: if items are returned as defective, except that no defect can be detected by Folded Book Art. 10. 5 By repair and / or replacement of the product, the warranty does not run again. Article 11 Trademark 11. 1 The trade marks or the type of guarantee or identification numbers or marks, which have been made on the matter delivered by Folded Book Art objects may not be removed, damaged or altered. Page 10 of 10 Article 12 liability The liability of Folded Book Art remains limited at all times to the amount of the invoice value of the delivery concerned. 12. 2 For any direct or indirect damage which Folded Book Art has accepted these conditions, the liability is not expressly Folded Book Art will not be liable, except damage caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Folded Book Art. 12. 3 The customer indemnifies Folded Book Art in this matter against all claims of third parties. Article 13 Other provisions 13. 1 In the event would lose any provision of these terms and conditions in whole or in part of their operation, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions.